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Dyslexia Awareness Training

There are huge benefits to employers in raising the awareness of your workforce about dyslexia.  We want employers and employees to recognise the strengths as well as the difficulties that dyslexic adults experience at work.  Dyslexia can often bring advantages. Companies generally include teams who plan, take and implement decisions to improve practice. The most effective teams are those where each member can offer alternative and complementary skills.  People who experience dyslexia often think differently and may find new ways to solve problems.  You may also have clients who are dyslexic and want to explore ways to engage more effectively with everyone you meet as part of your work


We are able to develop and deliver bespoke dyslexia awareness sessions for staff within an organisation, including managers and HR professionals to enable them to understand dyslexia and its impact in the workplace.


An initial awareness session would typically be a half day and may be followed up with further sessions developed to meet the needs of different staff.


However, we are able to tailor training packages to meet individual requirements. Please contact us by phone 01442 828035 or email.


Training sessions have been consistently rated as good or excellent by delegates:


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Everything was useful!


Excellent trainer


It has made me think about working in a dyslexia

friendly way all the time


What could have been improved? The sessions could have

been longer. I want to know much more!


I have a much better understanding of how dyslexia may affect my colleagues and learned strategies to support them


Great course!


I now understand that working in dyslexia friendly way will benefit everyone at work.


I have a greater understanding of what dyslexia means and will use this with my team and clients


I will think (really think) about how I communicate with my team


All managers should attend this training it has been very useful indeed.

Is your business dyslexia friendly?

An Access to Work grant is available for people with disabilities, recognised under the Equality Act 2010, such as dyslexia.

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Workplace Skills Training

Developing and delivering a personalised programme of training for employees with dyslexia to address current areas of difficulty and enable the employee to work independently using the skills and strategies learned in his current and future work situation.  Training is found to be more effective if it is spread over a period of months.