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An initial screening may be the best option for someone who thinks that they may have dyslexia, but has not previously been assessed.


We offer this service for individuals who are at work, who may wish to explore possible dyslexia themselves or for employers where perhaps an employee has spoken to HR or to their manager about possible dyslexia. This can often happen at certain times:


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  • There may have been a change in working practices or the working environment

  • An individual may have been given new responsibilities or been promoted

Many large companies and organisations now have their own dyslexia screening. We are able to provide a confidential screening service.


A screening will show whether there are sufficient indicators of dyslexia to recommend further assessment.


A screening would usually consist of completion of our screening checklist followed by  a short interview, some computer based tasks and other short activities, including a writing task.


We are happy to arrange a time to discuss with you further and answer any queries you may have or you can download and complete our workplace dyslexia screening and email to us on workplace@dyslexiaherts.co.uk