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Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment


The assessment will confirm whether dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties are present. It will consider their impact on the individual and recommend strategies and support. An assessment includes:


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  • A review of relevant background and educational history

  • Consultation with the individual and their line manager and a review of their current role and job description

  • A comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities including verbal and visual skills, memory, phonological awareness and processing speeds

  • An assessment and detailed analysis of literacy skills

  • An appraisal of strengths and coping strategies;

  • Detailed and individually tailored recommendations for further assessment, training and support.

Workplace Needs Assessment


A workplace needs assessment considers how dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties are affecting performance at work. It will identify training needs and also ways in which an employer can give help and support. The workplace needs assessment report will include recommendations including:

  • A detailed training programme which covers all aspects of literacy which are directly related to the individual’s role for example, research skills, writing emails or reports, reading technical manuals. It would also cover other work skills such dealing with appraisals, contributing to meetings, understanding instructions, time management, organisational skills. An initial training programme should ideally be around 30 hours spread over a period of at least four months.

  • A detailed list of IT recommendations, and specific advice on how the IT training can be carried out in a manner suitable for a dyslexic learner.

  • Detailed recommendations to the employer about reasonable adjustments in the workplace

An individual should already have been assessed for dyslexia and have a copy of their diagnostic report. The assessment should have been carried out when they were over sixteen years of age.


The needs assessment report can be used in applications for Access to Work funding for training and equipment.



It is important for us to have as much information as possible before the assessment. Please download our Workplace Questionnaire below and return to us.